Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Day in Our Life--Lately At Least

Here's how we've been doing school since we moved to Oklahoma in February.

7 or 8 am: the kids eat breakfast while I do the dishes and shower. They usually wake up even earlier, but stay in their rooms and read or play until I come in.

8 to noon-ish: play time. The kids seem to prefer to play all morning and would always gripe when we'd do school in the AM, so I start the day off with free play. They eat a morning snack around 9:30 ish.

Noon-ish: lunch time.

After lunch for one hour or so: quiet time. Little Bean would spend all day alone in his room without a problem, and Miss O likes to come out and interrupt whatever I'm doing over and over. Polar opposites, I tell ya. But they both do quiet time in their rooms at this time, and sometimes Miss O will fall asleep. Little Bean does a little bit of independent work in his room at this time (Easy Grammar, some daily skills worksheets, sometimes a bit of U.S. state stuff, or some cursive).

Next comes school time: I do Miss O first, generally speaking. She does reading, printing, spelling, and math daily. At least theoretically. Sometimes we whizz through, other days she requests that we skip one of the subjects. She knows her limits, so when she wants time off, we take it.

2:00 ish: we have an afternoon snack.

Then we get back to work with Little Bean: He does different subjects on different days, but I try to at least hit spelling 3 times a week, cursive 2 times a week, history 4 times a week or as needed to finish a chapter a week, and math every weekday. Lately he's been requesting more science and writing assignments (shocking!) so we've taken more time doing that kind of thing and skipped some of the others. Depending on the day, he is usually done around 4:30 or 5 o'clock. Sometimes it's sooner, sometimes it's later.

We eat usually around 6. Sometimes they'll play a game with dh while I do the dishes and clean up. Or sometimes they'll just run around and play. Then if we aren't going anywhere that night like boy scouts or to a meeting or what not, they get into bed at 7:30 ish. Miss O goes right to bed usually, but she has a hard time settling down. Little Bean reads until 9 and then I put him to bed officially.

So that's our day! What does your day usually look like? More structure? Less?

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Jackie said...

Do you use work boxes anymore? I am trying to decide weather I will or not.

greyfen said...

I like knowing what you're up to far away. Too bad there isn't a "like" button on your blog.

Jennifer said...

Jackie--we have really backed away from workboxes. I found that my son really found no pleasure in the fun boxes because they were out of routine. And then once he could read well, a picture and word schedule worked just as well. He has progressed now to the point where lately we haven't really even needed a picture schedule. But there is nothing I really didn't like about workboxes in particular.

Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't realize you lived in OK. We just moved here in December.

Funny how kids are so different. We do school in the morning because the boys are worn out by afternoon and end up in meltdowns. But with our new therapy schedule, not sure what we will figure out now.

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