Monday, June 27, 2011

Comment issues

I noticed I'm having issues commenting on other people's blogger blogs. It follows that you all might be having the same issues on my blog. Whenever I try to comment on a blog, after I press comment, I am sent to the login page, and I log in, I'm sent back to a blank comment. When I try to comment again, I'm sent to the login page again, and on and on.

I *heard* that if ya'll change your comment setting to the pop-up window instead of the simple comment window below your posts this issue is averted. So I'm trying that. I hope it lets more people comment, and if others change their settings, the bazillions of failed comments I've tried in the last several weeks will finally be able to be posted. :)

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TheRockerMom said...

Thanks, I'm gonna try it.

It took me two tries to comment on your post, though. The first time, the pop-up window said that my browser's cookies weren't enabled (which they were). I tried again and it worked.

Blogger is being weird, again.

Kayla said...

the comments have been a pain in my butt for about 2-3 weeks now, and im so tired of it.... hope this works!!

Mama Pickles said...

I've been having trouble with commenting AND I can't become a follower on anyone's blog through Google Friend Connect. I keep getting caught in the same loop. I'm pretty sure I have the pop-up window, but I will double check. Thanks for posting this tip.

Deborah said...

No problem for me to comment. I have heard this is a big problem for blogger right now.

Anonymous said...

I discovered that if it takes me to the log in page and I remove the check from the "remember me" section, I have no problems after that.

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