Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All About Spelling Level 3, not a review, just an update

We are cruising right along in All About Spelling with both kids. Miss O, in Kindergarten is 10 lessons away from finishing Level 1. Little Bean, in 2nd grade, is 9 lessons away from finishing Level 3. Both of them do really well with this curriculum, and are shaping up to be excellent spellers. I will say Little Bean seems to be a natural speller though; his memory is amazing! Just seeing a word once or twice he is able to memorize it.

In Level 3, the student moves beyond just sentence dictation to creating his or her own sentences. Little Bean made a nice little story using his All About Spelling words (teacher, reading, staples, smarter, papers) when he noticed all the words he was given connected to each other in some way.
Another activity we recently did in Level 3 is practicing the sounds of /ed/. You probably never thought about it, but the sound /ed/ actually makes three sounds (ed, d, and t). Here, Little Bean had to sort the words under the proper sound the /ed/ made.
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