Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our House

I mentioned a while back that we had purchased a new home. It's entirely new, hasn't even been built yet! And if you read my post the other day, you know with a baby on the way, plus Mimi (not her real name), our foster baby, and two older kids, we are eager for the extra space. Above are a couple pics of the layout and exterior of the home.

It's 5 bedrooms (the media room we are putting in a closet to make a 5th bedroom), with two bedrooms downstairs, including the master. We will have a formal dining room downstairs which differs from the picture in that we will be closing ours off to make an extra room (playroom maybe?). Upstairs there are three bedrooms and a "game room". Our game room will be the school room. It sits on 1/3 an acre. We would have loved a little more land, but for the size of house we wanted and the price range we had, 1/3 was about as good as it gets! It's very close to Raymond's work too. We are excited and feel blessed to be making this purchase! We are hoping to close in February.

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Angela said...

yay! The layout looks nice. 5 bedrooms!!!!!

Annette W. said...


Corina said...

That looks wonderful!! Love all the bedrooms and space you will have! : )

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