Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tot School

Tot School
Miss O is 2.5.
This week in Tot School:

Miss O did a little I Spy:

And did a letter matching bottle top game I made for her:

She did this shape matching game which I printed from

She finished this whole puzzle file folder game I made for her:

And checked out this simple number recognition book I made for her:

She and Little Bean loved the chocolate playdough! Look at her smelling it!:)

She played with the magnetic foam blocks for a while:
In typical girlie style, she decided to make a bunch of "babies" (square bodies with semi circle heads) and then cover them up with their sqaure "blankies": Here she is working with the nesting dolls again:
Here she is with the magnetic fish puzzle:

Coloring. For some reason she always chooses black and brown?!?:

And finally, here she is using the alphabet puzzle:


The girl who painted trees said...

My daughter uses a lot of brown and black in her coloring too.

That is one nice alphabet puzzle. Where did you get it?

Jennifer said...

That puzzle was from Ross, a discount store near us--I'm not sure if they are a nationwide chain or not. They usually carry a lot of really great educational products for cheap, like this puzzle. I think it was only like 9 or 10 dollars!

K, @ Heart said...

Lots of fun stuff!! I've got to try that choc play-doh. I tried to make reg play-doh last week..not so good turn out even my son wouldn't play with it. OOPS! :)
I like the letter matching bottle tops. Great idea!

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