Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Believe It Or Not, Miss O is Learning to Read!

Yes, shocking, I know. She still seems like my little baby in so many ways. Recently I switched Little Bean over to The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading after having finished about 80 percent of 100 Easy Lessons (that switch is a topic for a whole other post!). This was after much fighting on his part during the reading lessons from 100 Lessons. I finally just decided to bite the bullet (aka, shell out the money for OPG) and try a different approach. He has really taken to OPG, so I am happy about that. But that's not what this post is about--I will have to do a comparison post in the near future. :)

When I decided to switch Little Bean over, I was looking back at the lessons in 100 Lessons and just seeing what he knew and where he had come from so that I could figure out where to start him in OPG. I realized that some of the really early lessons in 100 EZ were easy enough for Miss O, and just on a whim decided to do one with her one day. Well, she liked it--a lot! So, we have started making our way through 100 Lessons, and she is already on lesson 21 (it's been about a month now). I really can't believe it myself, because I had such a hard time with this book with Little Bean. I really wasn't planning to even think about starting her until she turns four, if then, but she really has taken to the format, so I am going to continue with her as long as she is enjoying it.

Maybe it has to do with having Little Bean as a role model too. He reads us a BOB Book or a Now I'm Reading Primer each night at bedtime, and since starting her lessons, Miss O has asked if SHE could read a BOB book at bedtime! I had her do Book 2 in set one, "Sam" tonight, and she actually did really well! She is just getting the hang of blending, but she is moving right along! I'm so pleased, and hoping this will be a much easier experience for her than it was with Little Bean.


Annette said...

Wow, that is some awesome news! I'm so glad it's not a fight for her!

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

Amazing! What a little smartie! Congrats!

Julie said...

That is great! Can't wait to hear more about the comparison on the reading lessons. We have recently started 100 Easy Lessons and I am not loving it and would love to her more about OPG.

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