Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On Their Own

A huge portion of the kiddos days is spent doing just this: cutting, pasting, coloring, and gluing scrap paper. And let's not forget stickers! What would art be without stickers?! They use it like tape, since I'm kind of stingy with our tape. I love that they are getting SO much practice, espescially with the cutting, but seriously?! My house is pretty much wallpapered and carpeted with little stray pieces of white paper. When I tell them to clean up their scraps and only keep what they've made, they all of the sudden are extremely attached to ALL those little pieces of paper, and hide them in their desks for safe keeping! ;)

Some of the things they've made during these sessions are two paper laptops computers, a paper remote control, paper rings and bracelets, birthday cards (for pretend birthdays), artwork for their Gymboree teachers, blank books (this consists of 20 or so pages glued together on one side and a circle hastily drawn on each page), and a paper abacus. Good times!


Beth said...

What great practice they are getting!

We have the issue of not wanting to throw ANYTHING away! Too funny how they become "attached" to the funniest things!


Raising a Happy Child said...

I love it best when my daughter just draws, cuts and glues by herself instead of trying to comply with something structured. I also love the stories that she comes up with about her creations. But we didn't have any paper laptops yet - this is priceless. And a wonderful job on those circles - this is pretty neat.

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